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Eucalyptus + Peppermint | Sanitizing Lotion | 3.4oz

Say hello to the only lotion that sanitizes and moisturizes at the same time. Crafted from natural ingredients. Formulated to kill germs in seconds and to deeply rejuvenate your skin. Made in the USA by a female-owned facility. Sense sanitizing lotion works on all skin and is safe for all ages.

Superior Chemistry. Remarkably Safe.

Unlike bacteria, virus cells are protected by a ‘shell’ that makes them particularly tricky to kill. Most sanitizers use alcohol to do this job. But we go further – using a compound called BZK Benzalkonium Chloride. Never heard of it? Well, its what surgeons use to sanitize their theatres before operating. Now that says something if the medical experts trust our formula above all alternatives!

The Right Credentials.

Made in the USA. And unlike alcohol-based sanitizers, we are non-flammable, organic and can be used on skin of all ages!


+ BZK Benzalkonium Chloride

+ DMDM Hydantoin

+ Purified Water

+ Aloe Vera

+ Essential Oils

+ Apricot Kernel

+ Coconut Water

+ Shea Butter

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It surrounds and protects you. Why do many of the things we put on our skin destroy it, instead of protecting it? There had to be something better. We set out to find the ingredients that wouldn’t be flammable, drying, and destructive like the alcohol-based sanitizers on every shelf, store, school, and grocery store. The sense formulation includes shea butter, apricot kernel, aloe vera, and essential oils to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. The formula combines those natural ingredients with an anti-microbial called BZK which is used in operating theaters. It is not alcohol-based so it safe for young and old. The result is a long-lasting protective lotion that feels refreshing, smells natural and rejuvenates your skin for hours.
Sense Labs came about in 2020 as we all slathered our skin with pore drying and hand-destroying sanitizers hundreds of times a day. Our skin was cracking. Our kids were crying and sadly, the options to solve how bad sanitizing products were, was zero. We looked at our favorite skincare products, and asked, why is no one doing it this well? We wanted the product to be made locally, sourced domestically, and provide local jobs. We proudly make all of our products in the USA and source our ingredients domestically.
Let's face it, sanitizers have never been pretty, and so they were left buried at the bottom of our bags. Out of sight. Where they belonged. We wanted to change that by offering a formula that delivers superior protection and is crafted to be beautiful, fun, and optimistic like skincare products. Sadly, all sanitizers only cared about killing germs and not rejuvenating your skin. We don't think that is right. Sense is formulated and made by women here in the USA who wanted to pair protection with superior skincare formulation. Kill germs. Rejuvenate your skin.

Kills 99.9% of Viruses and Bacteria

* Organic Antimicrobial Agent
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